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Marketeers Clubhouse is not just a podcast, it’s a networking hub for marketing professionals to connect and share ideas. Join the club and start building your network with today’s industry leaders. 

Hosted by Jamie Calon, the Marketeers Clubhouse podcast explores the world of marketing from a variety of perspectives, featuring special guests from prominent brands who share their insights and experiences on how big brands operate. Grab a beer, pull up an apple crate, and tune in to Jamie’s conversations about the exciting world of marketing. 

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Lena Lees-Heidt

On this episode of Marketeers Clubhouse, host Jamie Calon sits down with Lena Lees-Heidt, a partner at PLAY Management Inc. and expert in the entertainment industry. Lena shares her insights on the current state of the industry and offers valuable advice for aspiring actors looking to break into film, television, voice over, and commercial work. She discusses the importance of building relationships, finding the right representation, and staying focused on your goals. Tune in to episode 9 for an enlightening conversation as Lena talks about some of her experiences working with top talent and what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of entertainment.


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In the Clubhouse, we will explore marketing from all perspectives. Pull up an apple crate, grab a beer. We will try to stay on topic but can’t promise that we won’t stray.