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Hosted by Jamie Calon, the Marketeers Clubhouse podcast explores the world of marketing from a variety of perspectives, featuring special guests from prominent brands who share their insights and experiences on how big brands operate. Grab a beer, pull up an apple crate, and tune in to Jamie’s conversations about the exciting world of marketing.

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FEATURED - Season 2: Episode 10

Future Genesis:
Oakley's 50-Year Vision Unveiled

Join us for an unprecedented episode of The Marketeers Clubhouse, broadcast directly from Oakley headquarters. We sit down with Brian Takumi, VP of Brand Soul, for an exclusive look into “Future Genesis,” Oakley’s groundbreaking 50-year brand positioning plan.

In this episode, Brian discusses the evolution of Oakley’s brand narrative and the critical role of storytelling. Learn how the fusion of past and future forms the backbone of their most ambitious campaign yet. Oakley, unlike any other brand, is creating narratives using science fiction to redefine innovation in performance gear with their trailblazing designs and cinematic storytelling elements. Brian delves into how the brand plans to innovate its storytelling to resonate with new generations, offering a real-time master class in brand positioning.


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