Communication habits leaders can adopt to grow a tight-knit team

Effective communication enables virtually everything else your team does. It’s fundamental to productivity, performance, and output. ““If you manage multiple teams or distinct units within a single team, structure your internal communication channels for relevance. Making liberal use of channels and direct message features of workplace chat apps is the bare minimum here. If you […]

5 Tactical Tips to Grow Your Brand and Create a Successful Marketing Structure

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Using the analogy of a bullwhip, let’s discuss how a business’s functional groups should interact to create a successful marketing structure. Click here to read the condensed version on Entrepreneur, or keep scrolling for the full version of this analogy with extra details!. I was absolutely obsessed with bullwhips as a kid. Who wouldn’t want […]

5 Ways Marketers Can Elevate Consumer Experience and Value in 2023

Competent marketers aim to popularize the company’s business and help create consumer awareness. Marketers have a pivotal relationship with customers. They are the key players in defining customer experience. When customers have a good experience with your business, they will likely turn into long-term clients and even recommend your company to others.“We all know how […]

How Jamie Calon of Brand Regulator is Using SaaS to Automate Trade Marketing Operations

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In today’s large consumer brands, software developers actively support the needs of every major player in the C-Suite with the development and maintenance of large enterprise platforms in the categories of ERP, CRM, BI, and SCM, with one glaring omission, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). For years, marketing department leads have struggled with a lack […]

Adapting Your Workflow Into Smooth, Structured Pipelines – Regulator

Most large consumer brands still manage the logistically complex task of delivering sales tools to the marketplace with cobbled-together systems, spreadsheets, and a plethora of stand-alone single-solution platforms. This is completely unsustainable, and failures crop up at every corner.“Jamie Calon is a trade marketing consultant and owner of @54blue with more than 20 years of […]

How Digital Brands Can Enter The Brick And Mortar Space

When digital brands attempt to enter the brick-and-mortar space, they are usually woefully underprepared for the sheer volume of workload and logistical pitfalls. “Generally speaking, marketing teams in D2C brands don’t have the experience, resources or awareness to combat the insane workloads and logistical nightmares that come hand-in-hand with trade marketing. Trapped under the weight […]

The Financial Cost of Scrubbing the Market of a Bad Brand Ambassador

Many companies turn to brand ambassadors to promote their product or service, and it isn’t hard to see why celebrity endorsements are so popular. But what happens when a brand ambassador goes bad? “The best thing you can do before bringing on a brand ambassador is to invest in a trade marketing software that automates […]

Top 10 Pain Points for Field Teams

How can you tell if your organization’s process is effective? Do you have the sneaking suspicion that you could be doing things more efficiently? You’re not alone! Take a peek at some of the common pain points that reps experience. Top 10 Pain Points for Field Teams 1. Content When You Need It It’s challenging […]

Top 10 Trade Marketing Pain Points

How can you tell if your organization’s process is effective? Do you have the sneaking suspicion that you could be doing things more efficiently? Take a look at some of the common pain points below for comparison. Top 10 Trade Marketing Pain Points 1. Poor Data You probably don’t get the right data you need […]

Understanding Color Space from a Brand’s Perspective

As a trade marketing consultant, I’ve dealt with color my entire life. At my creative agency, 54blue, my team works with color in every project. What most people don’t know is that color isn’t as simple as it seems, and it’s important for both new and old brands to think about color limitations between print […]