Behind the Mic

Illustration of Jaz Holmes riding a Moose
Photo of producer Jaz Holmes

Jaz Holmes


Jaz Holmes is a professional writer and editor hailing from the UK. She spent a decade living in Australia before relocating to Canada in 2017. While in Australia, Jaz worked in various sectors of the media, including advertising, live TV and the film industry. She also contributed to a range of publications, and wrote and directed several plays at the Perth Fringe Festival.

Whilst based in the Rocky Mountains, Jaz’s passion for the arts led her to work in development at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity before transitioning into a full-time travel writer, contributing to magazines such as Essential Magazine, Where Rockies and The Dining Guide, among others. When prohibition was lifted, she immersed herself in the cannabis industry, where she honed her talents and passion for cannabis education, branding, marketing and strategic partnerships.

Aside from her work in writing and editing, Jaz is also a junior tattoo artist and enjoys exploring a wide range of creative ventures in her spare time, as well as hiking, kayaking and camping in summer.

Marc Walton

Guest Host

Marc Walton is a seasoned professional with a strong sales background and a specialty in retail and trade marketing. He grew up snowboarding and mountain bike racing in the quaint little town of Canmore, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

He began his career in retail at the young age of 15, working at a bike and snowboard shop where he climbed the ranks to become the manager and buyer. His interests in video, film and graphic design led him to pursue a career in marketing, where he found success as an Oakley sales representative for Alberta. During this time, he also helped grow and develop 54blue; a marketing company he would later run with his business partner, Jamie Calon.

Today, as General Manager of 54blue, Marc continues to use his expertise in retail marketing and in-market executions to help businesses grow and thrive. He still rides bikes regularly and is always seeking out new adventures in the great outdoors.

Photo of Alex

Alex Langevin

Guest Host

Alex Langevin describes himself as a ‘life enthusiast’. Despite having early dreams of becoming a Top Gun pilot, his other interests and ambitions propelled him towards an accomplished career in the motocross racing world during the 90’s. With a deep-rooted passion for action sports, he has remained committed to understanding the intricate operations behind them, constantly in search of answers thanks to his love of science. His insatiable curiosity has led him to explore a variety of topics, from understanding aircraft design to delving into the mechanics of the human body.

As he transitioned into the sports marketing world, Alex’s athlete mindset helped him develop important marketing, branding and business knowledge, which he has used to great effect. Even though he has moved on from full-time motocross racing, he is still enjoys challenging himself and pushing his limits on two wheels, whether it’s a fun, smooth ride or a KOM kind of day. Alex’s drive and passion for life are infectious, and he continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication that he has brought to everything he has done.

Missing Poster of Pierre

Pierre Martin

Ghost Host

Our most mysterious host, Pierre Martin is currently missing, presumed tired and cranky. Should you see him, remain calm and do not approach. Last seen roaming his natural habitat in the North American wilderness. Report any sightings to

Pierre Martin is a passionate and experienced business leader with over 25 years of expertise in the North American consumer goods industry. Throughout his career, Pierre has focused on developing and executing strategic plans to drive year-over-year business growth. He possesses extensive knowledge of sales, retail, and online distribution, and has collaborated on high-level planning of product, sales, and marketing to align and support business growth objectives.

In the Clubhouse, we will explore marketing from all perspectives. Pull up an apple crate, grab a beer. We will try to stay on topic but can’t promise that we won’t stray.