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When digital brands attempt to enter the brick-and-mortar space, they are usually woefully underprepared for the sheer volume of workload and logistical pitfalls.

“Generally speaking, marketing teams in D2C brands don’t have the experience, resources or awareness to combat the insane workloads and logistical nightmares that come hand-in-hand with trade marketing. Trapped under the weight of these tasks with just a spreadsheet for aid is the worst situation a brand can be in, and it is exceedingly difficult to manage brick-and-mortar marketing operations without implementing automated processes,” says Jamie Calon, CEO of Regulator Inc.

“Marketing automation software companies like Regulator Inc. streamline development, ordering, transportation, and management of signage, marketplace displays, and other physical trade marketing elements that help your physical points of sale stand out. The result: a more responsive and better-branded shop environment that drives sales and encourages customer loyalty”.

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