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In today’s large consumer brands, software developers actively support the needs of every major player in the C-Suite with the development and maintenance of large enterprise platforms in the categories of ERP, CRM, BI, and SCM, with one glaring omission, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). For years, marketing department leads have struggled with a lack of resources and tools. They’ve had to use cobbled-together systems, siloed platforms, and spreadsheets, rather than automating trade marketing operations.

This means that marketers are not able to work as efficiently or effectively as they could be. Trade marketers working in the intersection of digital and brick-and-mortar markets feel this lack of efficiency the most. The primary cause for this is the lack of access to the appropriate software. So, this creates a bottleneck of logistical, operational, and execution issues that can only be solved manually. Fortunately, this is now the way of the past. Welcome to ‘Trade Marketing Automation’ (TMA).
“In 2016, after more than 20 years of working directly with blue-chip brands like Oakley, The North Face, and Luxottica, trade marketing veteran Jamie Calon set out to attack this issue head-on. He, along with his partner and co-founder (CTO) Greg Stewart, developed Brand Regulator, a trade marketing SaaS platform that enables more adaptive, more responsive, and streamlined marketing operations for branding in physical environments”.

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